Earth Conference 2015


Day 100 of #100DayProject: Last step before jump.

DSC05897 This is the last day, before the final edition and the publication. I hope with all my heart you had enjoy this book, at least I did in the major part of the process. Certainly, there was periods of time which I hate this project, especially because I haven’t any support from none except my boyfriend. He was the only one who believes in this project and me, he always believes in my professional and personal skills.

If you ask to anyone who takes seriously the challenge to writing a book, the most of them have two problems:

  1. Time, time, time. Always we find distractions in our daily schedule, avoiding the difficulty of sitting in front the desk and creates.
  2. (Auto) Critics. Most days I had some voices in my mind telling me: “leave the project, you don’t have any editor or publisher who have interest in your book”; “who want read your book, is not professional or an adolescent vampire novel, who cares about your interests…”; “who’s gone buy your book anyway? If it’s a personal experience and you’re an anonymous person, you’re not Beyoncé

When I felt down an uninspired I tried to give me cheers up with happy music, travels to the beach and feel the motives of this books: I tried to surround me with landscapes, arts and discovering my true identity. Thankfully, the Universe conspires all the time to follow my dreams, so I know the people, the circumstances and situations who especially needed in this project. As Karl Marx said once:

“Men can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves.

Their very landscape is alive.”

Karl Marx

Other part of the process was the meditation, comprehension, acceptation and travel. As Miguel de Unamuno said once:

Fascism is cured by reading,

Racism is cured traveling

Miguel de Unamuno

Travel is the best way to know the cities and their different facets. Definitely, travel into cities and countries is the best school of urbanism ever. Talking with other people who thinks different from you is the best school of tolerance. Of course, I tried to show in this book the places that I visited in my short life (27 years old).

This is not a professional book. I don’t want to think that I was in the same library that Thomas Picketty or Heidegger. Nope. This book is created and taken from personal experiences and complements with extracts and opinions from researchers.

Definitely, reading was an important part of the process of writing a book. When I read books, I felt more in company from every author who was in the same synchronicity of myself. Feeling the same way, and don’t matter the time who passed between them and me. I don’t feel alone when I read.

I read a lot of books without discrimination. That helps me to open my mind and see beyond the cover, scooping in my mind and my soul. Believing with this book I could help other to follows their dreams and change the strong beliefs about urban planning and landscape analysis.