The New Urban Agenda

DSC03408Urbanization is an unprecedented challenge. By the middle of the century four of every five people might be living in towns and cities. Urbanization and development are inextricably linked and it is necessary to find a way of ensuring the sustainability of growth. Urbanization had become a driving force as well as a source of development with the power to change and improve lives.

Habitat III Conference has the convening power to bring together all actors to achieve these objectives. Solutions for the complex challenge of urbanization can only be found by bringing together Member States, multilateral organizations, local governments, private sector and civil society.

Implementing the Urban Agenda means:

  • Urban Rules and Regulations. The outcomes in terms of quality of an urban settlement is dependent on the set of rules and regulations and its implementation. Proper urbanization requires the rule of law.
  • Urban Planning and Design. Establishing the adequate provision of common goods, including streets and open spaces, together with an efficient pattern of buildable plots.
  • Municipal Finance. For a good management and maintenance of the city, local fiscal systems should redistribute parts of the urban value generated.

With the consideration of:

  • National Urban Policies. These establish a connection between the dynamics of urbanization and the overall process of national development.

Illustrator’s Ingenious Cut-Outs Turn Any Landscape into Clever Clothing Designs

Jordan-based illustrator Shamekh Al-Bluwi has found a brilliant way to combine his passion for fashion and architecture into a series of cleverly crafted illustrations. Like many of his contemporaries, the visual artist sketches his fashion illustrations on paper; however, he completes his drawings by meticulously cutting out the form of the outfits he’s just outlined. This simple process turns the silhouette of each illustrated garment into a window, allowing Shamekh to see fashion as a direct reflection of the world around him.

The colors and patterns that fill each dress are entirely dependent on where the sketches are held up. The surrounding landscape serves as the fibers of each outfit. Shamekh plays with this connection between fashion and landscape, sharing multiple images on Instagram of the sketches superimposed on different vistas and architectural designs.

Shamekh’s creative photos have even inspired other Instagram users to create their own fashion sketch cutouts.