Life in the Mountains- Crazy Beautiful Ugly Mountain Weather

Freel-Rose-Job Sept 2013-15

Why do we climb mountains?  To see what’s on the other side?  To stand on top?  To achieve a personal goal?  To sweat, and do something physically difficult? Because it’s fun? Or simply because it’s there.

Without sounding like a cliche, climbing peaks has a lot of metaphors for life.  There is prep, commitment, effort, and sometimes adversity.  Do we push on in the face of storms, or turn back (to try again another day)?

Do we avoid climbing peaks because it’s difficult, or do we climb mountains for precisely that reason?

Sometime over the summer I got the bug to finish climbing the tallest peaks near our home in the Tahoe.  We’ve hit more than half of them- many numerous times.  Today, we were headed for Mt. Rose, elevation 10,770′.

On the day we climbed Mt. Rose, we were lucky enough to have one of those rare experiences…

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