Sub-cultures – another side of Geography

Let's Geog

Hello fellow geoggers! When I tell people that I intend on taking geography at degree level I often get asked what sort of jobs that will lead to, isn’t it just learning about rivers and capitals?… or is it just colouring in!
Geography explores and explains our world. In the first year most geography degrees study the physical and the human aspects of geography there are also biological studies. The physical geography includes landforms, rivers and climate, the biological looks at habitat, species and dispersal. However this post is about human geography which studies culture, migration, economics and politics. Some of the culture studied includes language, religion, different economic and government structures, art, music and other cultural aspects that explain how and why people live as they do.Culture is a certain group’s way of life. This includes the social meanings of various aspects of life such as race, ethnicity, values…

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