FREE: Landscape Assessment Handbook

Cited in: CASTELLI, L. & Al., Planning and landscape conservation : Tools for the protection of natural and cultural heritage . Buenos Aires: Nature Foundation for the Future, 2007.

Through its Handbook for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Landscape published by the Foundation for the Future of Nature (FUNAFU), Luis Castelli impeccable develops a methodology feasible to use in any project. It is based on the Screening and Scoping techniques normally used in environmental impact assessments legally adopted in most of the continent. The EIA process is divided into two parallel areas: Design and Consultation, which carry other stages turn binding together.

This manual includes comprehensively the landscape, conceiving it as:

“The cultural and historical associations, and environmental experience gained through the senses and knowledge are critical to understand the nature of this concept essentially dynamic , since the shape of the landscape continues to change constantly as a result of various natural processes and human actions “

[CASTELLI , 2007:66 ] .


When considering the sociocultural landscape , you can associate this heritage in landscapes, which establish symbiotic and synergistic endless:


“There are also numerous interrelationships between landscape and cultural heritage should not be overlooked , as the gardens , the ruins , buildings and monuments in some historic landscapes”

[CASTELLI, 2007:75 ] .


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