Ketchuppp Is An App That Wants To Help Friends Catch Up In Person — Not On Facebook


Are you spending too much time looking at what your friends are posting on Instagram and Facebook and not enough time hanging out with each other IRL? The founders of Ketchuppp think so. And their answer to this problem is, of course, another app that’s designed to help you meet your buddies when you happen to be near enough to do so. In other words: a proximity-based social networking app. Or a social-mobile-local app if you prefer.

It’s not an app that’s about broadcasting your location to all and sundry. Or meeting up with random strangers who share your passion for Vampire Weekend gigs and happen to be nearby (a la Circle). Or for meeting friends of friends with mutual interests — giving it a narrower focus than U.S. rival Highlight. Or an app for meeting potential business leads over a networking lunch (like Let’s Lunch).

Ketchuppp wants…

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