Notes from I Simposium: Landscape and Territory.

FAQ: November 6th, 2013. BíoBio University, Chile

Landscapes for a sustainable and participatory territorial development “. From Rafael Mata.

– Rebuild the territory
– In Latin America should seek to adapt the landscape to social reality .

– ” If you return, we no longer you keep alive in your memory. Such landscapes are gone. Everything is now scaffolding and debris. Landscapes not have waited your return.” Mario Benedetti.
– ” The localization paisajización landscape or territory .” Geoges Bertrand , 2009

– The current challenge is to analyze the ordinary landscapes of everyday life .

– “For the great character and all the stunning landscape scene depends on the simultaneity of ideas and feelings which agitate the observer ” . Alexander Humboldt , Cosmos , 1874

– Landscape as a discourse that conveys experiences and emotions.
– Three specific landscape heritage :

  1. visibility and legibility,
  2. assets integrator receptacle attached to the place
  3. is not portable to any other ( Lowenthal , 1996 )

– ” The palimpsest to morphogenesis in the rehabilitation of the landscape as dynamic event in its materiality and its representations ” ( Verdier , 2010 )

– Relationship between perception and consciousness : link
– Current Challenges :

  1. Learn and qualify to educate , raise awareness .
  2. Acting leftover especially in the territory : Protect, manage.
  3. Recognize legally the landscape as an essential component of the living of the population.
  4. Develop and implement specific policies .
  5. Recognizing the interest in “landscape character”, by articulating landscape components structuring models expressed in the Landscape Units and Features Areas.

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