Great tools for #landscapelovers

The Landscape is amazing… but, for the people that work every day with the landscape research or architecture, it’s very difficult to remember every detail of the territory or people’s perception. To resolve this problem exists Evernote who gives a totally new vision about take notes and remember things.


Personally, I have my favorites: the Evernote itself and the Skitch. Evernote it’s basically a huge notepad with notes and notebooks, but the surprise is this: we can add audio, video, a to do list, webpages, screen-snaps,  and we can share this notes with our work-group. And if you have to remember dates or appointments, just add the reminder function.


Skitch is for the people who love comment, edit and share pictures from the web, books, personal draws, sketches, graffiti, landscapes, etc. It’s really amazing all the things that we can do with this app! So, when you see a beautiful landscape, craft-made or paint, the only that you should do is take a screen-snap and edit it.

siembra skitch


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