Tools for #landscapelovers II


The most used encyclopedia of the XXIth Century could be your best friend If you want to research or analise landscapes: Wikipedia.

The free encyclopedia its a very useful tool for #landscapelovers because we can find definitions, links, and references for the technical research. Also, we can edit and improve the encyclopedia with news, papers, articles and our own research in our language, like spanish or the international english. If you want to cooperate with the foundation you could donate some money how their own founder tell us:

Where your donation goes:
Technology: Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, development. Wikipedia is the #5 website in the world, and it runs on a fraction of what other top websites spend.
People and Projects: The other top websites have thousands of employees. We have 175 employees to support a wide variety of projects, making your donation a great investment in a highly-efficient not-for-profit organization.

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