Redesigning New York one more accessible for senior citizens

Integrity Reblogged from Arquine. Text by Francisco Brown


On Thursday, January 9 , opened at the Center for Architecture in New York City Boroughs Booming exposure . Redesigning Aging -in -Place in NYC . Presents the results of a design workshop held on May 18, 2013 , where physicians, gerontologists , social workers, politicians. elderly in the community , designers, and architects gathered to generate ideas for specific modification of homes and neighborhoods in the city and make them more accessible to all.

The city of New York, always famous for attracting young people seeking to fulfill their dreams , has seen a growing population of older adults who are forced to migrate to other districts that buildings , neighborhoods and the city itself , do not pay necessary for physical and mental development for people seniors conditions. That is why since 2009 the Mayor and the Academy of Medicine of New York created a special commission to create a more friendly senior old city.

Following this , the American Institute of Architects ( AIA) and the Special Committee on Aging Design it, have had a series of initiatives to be part of the solution of how to make a New York to provide the conditions for this this demographic group and further develop their skills and living fully, without having to move to other areas due to lack of urban facilities , utilities, or affordable housing.

Among the initiatives of the committee, was the Workshop Booming Boroughs where they divided the group into five multidisciplinary teams , each team focused on a type of housing , and for 12 hours straight reflected and analyzed current housing conditions , and finally presented an interesting variety of proposals, from furniture design and “smart ” apartments that monitor the health of residents , interventions in the hallways and staircases of the buildings to make them not only accessible, but livable and functional for the elderly , to interventions in parks, streets , and public transportation.

Finally, it is essential that architects are part of this discussion, and take a leading role in promoting inclusive and diverse communities role , because as said current President of the AIA NYC Lance Jay Brown on the opening ” … making a city for everyone is the duty of us as an Institute , as architects and as New Yorkers , but also be honest , no one is making more young in this room , and I do not know about you but I want to go …. ” Because finally the key was able to choose to live.


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