Latest Photos Of Facebook’s New Gehry-Designed, Tree-Lined Campus Unveiled


Take a new look at Facebook’s upcoming tree-studded Engineering Building. Sprawling over 22 acres of Palo Alto, the 435,000 square feet compound is designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. These latest photos of the architectural models show updates to the understated expansion of Facebook’s headquarters.

The design has evolved since the last time pictures surfaced. A meandering and slightly odd-looking sky walk that jutted out of one side is gone. Both ends of the building are capped with imposing walls of windows overlooking patios and lush parks. But according to the models published by Business Insider, it’s still one large room that Zuckerberg previously declared will be the largest open floor plan in the world.

The tree-topped roof is still in the plan. It looks more like a park than a corporate office park. That’s by design, of course.


The complex is built on top of a street-level…

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