Urbanist refers to the fire that has left 16 dead and more than 500 houses destroyed in Valparaíso


Full text by El Mostrador

The architect and urbanist Puduje Ivan blamed the authorities for damage caused by the great fire that affects Valparaiso and has cost the lives of 16 people , left 10,000 homeless and destroyed more than 500 homes. The only reason I can think of is negligence of the authorities , also indolence of many of them, particularly the municipality that has authorized a housing , or has regularized some houses in areas at risk ,” he said in a Poduje interview given to 24 Hours News.

The architect explained that Valparaiso has a set of problems , stating “I understand that today is a broken municipality that is garnishing to pay debts, is a municipality having a hard poverty across the hills of the city, next to it Congress, in the Almendral neighborhood, where they greatly damaged area parliamentarians, which come and go very fast and do not see the environment“.

He added that there are camps where there are houses that have never been regularized or they have been in the hills of Valparaiso , but in areas of risk and where not built the necessary infrastructure: I got to see a dramatic situation, they were children playing in streams with large area and dumps it helped the spread of fire, and we’re talking about in this clearly there are responsibilities of the authorities“, he said .

Poduje also noted that there are many homes: “self or camps that were regularized by the municipality and that were built without any rules , without any studies by the people themselves , and have not been in the fire-damaged area normalized ” .

They added that both the hills of Valparaiso and the Vina del Mar repeats the same situation and “that made the township regularize something that was poorly located , first , and second, experts in the area alerted this problem in 2013 , 11 outbreaks of fire were established and nothing was done“. The developer also said it expected a criticism of the authorities for the incident, adding that , from the point of view of the solutions , not just rebuilding houses, “but to take care of other problems that have hills , as lack of infrastructure“.

Explained that there are known to the villagers themselves as high risk by the winds in the world besides streams that makes the fire spread quickly, but there are other problems like garbage areas, lack of access and light material households: The central point here is that Valparaiso has been built in many of the hills, beyond any informal settlements and planning what we are seeing now is the expression of that, but also of urban inequality that affect the city, which is very significant“, the architect says.


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