Japanese Tiny Houses

Constants Are Changing

I’ve always had a fascination with how well space has been used in places like Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.  They have a different mind set from us in the West about infrastructure, architecture, and how to use space effectively and efficiently.  For obvious reasons, the way they build is due to lack of land and huge populations.

Check out these Japanese Tiny Houses after the jump.

While I was living in South Korea, I noticed a brick wall next to the expressway where I lived (Bundang) which brought you in and out of Seoul.  The wall had an inscribed message that read “Land is Life.”  Yes, in English oddly enough.  That message absolutely rings true for anyone around the world, but there’s a deeper philosophy behind it for South Koreans.  With 50 million people living in a country roughly the size of Indiana, every little bit of land…

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