The Evil Machine: Sci-Fi and the Fear of Technology

Writer vs the World

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I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, so I can’t comment on the mechanics of the literature. But, over the years, I have watched a number of movies that revolve around the idea of AI. Movies that utilize this storyline typically involve a man versus machine plot line. Man has overstepped his boundary and decided to play God. This, of course, backfires on him. The machine gets out of hand and begins to assert his own autonomy. War, death, struggle and suffering ensue. Someone comes out on top.

Depending on the movie that you are watching, the issue of man deciding to play God is either of prime importance or a moot point. Regardless on man’s position, he is nearly always the victim. This makes sense though because man is making the movie and selling it to other humans. He is unlikely to make a film where…

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