We Think Too Often of Fire

Arizona Highways

Photo by Kelly Kramer Wildfires leave scars that last for decades, which is why preventing them is so important. | Kelly Kramer

We are forced too often to think about fire.

Hundreds of photos of Oak Creek Canyon have appeared in Arizona Highways. It’s a favorite destination for our contributors, who capture the way the water spills and pools in the creek. The way the light echoes across red walls of the canyon, then filters through its trees. Its birds and deer and all of the pretty things that tend to go where water is.

In the coming weeks and months, those photos will become outdated, wrong, thanks to the Slide Fire. The pretty things likely will return when the flames have gone, but the trees will have a century’s worth of growing to do. And, months from now, in an image review, we’ll see photos of the canyon. Rather than plucking our favorite…

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