MET allows free download 400 thousand artworks

Boating Édouard, Manet, 1874, Oil on canvas. Una de las obras que ahora estará a disposición del público.

Boating Édouard, Manet, 1874, Oil on canvas. 

Full text by ALLIMITE

The Met, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, released nearly 400,000 images of the pieces held by the institution . The move is part of the SCWO initiative for Open Access Scholarly Content or Open Access Academic Content that seeks to benefit students, teachers, researchers and other people linked to educational and cultural work .

Through the web site known compound, those interested can download in high resolution JPG format photographs from the collection of the enclosure. The material , which may be used for non-commercial uses , including paintings , photographic works , sculptures and other objects. In addition , it is expected that the amount of available resources will increase as the institution progresses with its task of digitizing.

The Met opened in 1872 , has one of the largest collections in the world, including works by artists such as Rembrandt , Durer , El Greco, Picasso , Manet , Degas , Cezanne, Van Gogh , Rodin, to name a few .

You can see the museum’s collection online here .


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