Koolhaas’s biennale

Architecture Here and There

The Hungarian pavilion at an old world's fair. (Financial Times) The Hungarian pavilion at an old world’s fair. (Financial Times)

Rem Koolhaas is director of the latest Venice Biennale of Architecture, the big cheese of international architectural exhibitions, which begins on Saturday, June 7. Predictably differentiating himself from his ridiculous predecessors by using the biennale to do something intelligent, he has made it a forum for discourse on nationality in architecture – or, as he himself admits, how nationality (and not a few other even more beloved things) have utterly disappeared from today’s design world.

Koolhaas naturally sees the trees but not the forest, and is seconded in a good piece by Edwin Heathcote, architecture critic of the Financial Times. He seems to see the trees instead of the forest, too, although he articulates the forest even more so than the trees. But does he take the obvious next step? Of course not. Here are a couple of passages from his…

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