Beijing MAD Architects’ “Shanshui City” at 2014 Venice Biennale

China Architecture Blog

By Stefania Danieli

In an earlier post we mentioned the new building complex of Chaoyang Park Plaza designed by Beijing based MAD Architects (to check our previous post please check the following link: ).

The concept for the “Shanshui City” was elaborated by the founder Ma Yansong in the latest issue of MAD: the Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, already under construction and estimated to be completed by 2017. MAD Architects are present at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale with “Silhouette Shanshui”, an artwork between a model and an installation inspired by the Nanjing project.

This project is meant to fully realized “Shanshui City”: a city-scale urban project with 570,000 square meters of total building area. As we explained in the earlier post, the aim of this architectural concept is to combine high-density cities with the atmosphere of the nature to create an energetic urban public space for the…

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