College of Saint Benilde- School of Design and Arts

S l u g g a r d Foxx

Hey Guys! Okay, so for my next “critique”, I’m going to do Lor Calma’s Design on DLS-CSB’s SDA campus. I’m not exactly sure if it’s Ed Calma, or his father, Lor Calma who designed it since they work in the same firm and all. I’ll just use “Calma” instead to avoid confussion.

I writing a critique about the SDA campus by Architects Calma may seem biased to you, readers. However, that is not the case. De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde has been one extraordinary school. And by constructing the School of Design and Arts (SDA) building, they have proven once again that ordinary things should be done in extraordinary ways. The SDA building is unique in many ways. It’s very modern and new. Unlike the classical style of De La Salle University’s old buildings, the SDA campus was different. It was ambitious, outrageous and it’s “takane no hana”…

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