Sustainable city: Age of `urban dinosaurs’ must end

Keshav Chaturvedi

The human race is moving on a one way path towards urbanisation. Cities around the world are growing rapidly. Researchers, sociologists and futurologists are all unanimous in their prophecy that humans are evolving into an urban species.
Town planners, architects and policy planner are preparing for ever larger cities. These megalopolis’ will house millions of humans. Cities offer a chance to move out of the constricting confines of a village. The relative anonymity offers a chance to re-programme yourself and your destiny alike. But haven’t we heard that too much of a good thing isn’t a good idea. City dwellers will have aspirations for better material living and creative self expression. However, many will not be able to realise them due to space and opportunity crunch.
Rising crime rates, worsening civic amenities and general decline in living conditions in these “urban dinosaurs” across the developing countries tell a story of…

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