Retail therapy


I’m making a cultural wardrobe adjustment for work in Iraq. First I looked around to see what women here are actually wearing; there is huge diversity in the way they experiment with personal fashion within the framework of cultural and religious convictions. I’ve gone for long, light tunics as a first step. I am still getting used to shopping alongside women in hijab. A woman (in hijab) behind me at the cash register saw that I was buying these tunics and did a double take of me in my skinny jeans. Hehe.


My other story about hijab– before I left Bosnia, Auntie Djemila told me, “Don’t even think about covering yourself! I am Muslim and pray 5 times a day and fast during ramadan, and I don’t wear hijab.” This puts a whole new dynamic into the morning ritual of standing in front of the closet deciding what to…

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