$27,000 “Dog Doogity”

Permaculture Hamilton

Toddler Bait or Doggy Dooley? Toddler Bait or Doggy Dooley? How do we want our fences festooned for the PamAm Games in 2015?

▶ “Dog Doogity” Dog Poop PSA for ScoopPoop.org Blackstreet – No Diggity spoof ft Martin Luther – YouTube.

The right-wing Freedom Foundation criticized the government agency Puget Sound Partnership for spending $27,000 to make the above “stoop and scoop” public service announcement for http://scooppoop.org/. It parodies Blackstreet’s hit song “No Diggity” with the refrain “I got to bag it up”. We especially like its nifty Pick-Up Dance.

After walking gingerly through a ‘dog diamond’ minefield this morning, we wish the City of Hamilton would make a similar video to catch the imagination of oblivious dog owners here. It would be money well spent by Public Health in support of our local Arts community. Polite signs reminding dog owners to pick up after Rover, Fido, and Fluffy do not work…

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