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How to start & grow your blog in 10 easy steps!


Full text by Liz Marie.


There is one frequently asked question I get almost everyday. The question usually goes something like this, “Liz, how do I start my own blog?” or, “How do you get people to read your blog?” I have been meaning to answer these questions on the blog for so long now, but I’m not an expert. I honestly have just always done projects, documented them, put them here on the blog & to my amazement people come to read my blog & they talk to me about all things DIY & it’s my favorite thing ever! I am so appreciative for every comment, view, follow, kind word, suggestion, opportunity, meeting people from the blog in real life, & much more. Long story short, I am no blogging expert, but guess what? You don’t have to be an expert to be a blogger! You just have to put yourself out there & just get started & somethings that can be the hardest part. Just do it!  Here are my tips & tricks on how to start & grow your blog. Whether you have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, or you are here because you just got the urge to, this is me encouraging you to do it today!! Let’s get you a blog!

How to start & grow your blog in 10 easy steps!

1. Buy your domain name!

This is the time to buy that domain name you have been thinking about, or think of what you want your blog name to be. My domain name is & I purchased this through bluehost {here}. I have been with bluehost for a few years now & I highly recommend them. They make everything so easy to set up your blog & simple to me is always better.  Bluehost has a technical support line that is open 24/7 & it’s AMAZING to have customer service like that.

Here are the steps to signing up with Bluehost

Click {here} to visit the Bluehost site to start & buy your domain name…

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.15.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.24.47 PM

After you type in the blog domain you want to use, it will bring a screen up for you to put your information in. Also, this is where you will purchase the blogging package that you want. After that it goes a little something like this…



This is where you are going to activate your newly purchased domain name to wordpress!! Your blog is so close to being live now! Click wordpress under website builders & then it goes a little something like this…



Your blog is set up!! Now it’s time to do that happy dance you are so good at. To log in to your blog go to & use your unique username & password to login to get started designing that lovely blog of yours.

2. Design Your Blog.

I have to admit I had someone do this part for me. There are many blog designers out there who can help you make your blog look how you want it, but if you want to start out with something simple & lovely you can search ‘wordpress templates’ & you will find so many design templates to choose from. I have found some amazing ones on Etsy just an FYI! At this point you will also pick your WordPress Theme, I am on Genesis & I highly recommend it.

3. Start blogging!

Start blogging about all things that you love whether that’s DIY, home decor, cooking, fitness, your beautiful children, your career, & even your dog. Whatever it is you want your blog to be about. Do not feel like you HAVE to blog about a certain thing because you see everyone else doing it. Set yourself apart. If you do not blog about what you love you will get tired of it very quickly. A few other steps to do when you start blogging:

-Create an about me page that explains who you and why you blog. Introduce yourself!

-Create a sidebar filled with what you want your readers to see & include your social media platforms, how to contact you, & even an email subscription bar where people can sign up to get your posts delivered to their emails.

-Create a project gallery tab where you can add all of your posts. See mine {here}.

There are many widgets/plugins available for wordpress that do all the hard work for you. Search for plugins that help you with adding things to your sidebar & much more. This may take some research for plugins that are best for you & your blog.

4. Create social media for your blog.

Start a Facebook page, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, & an Instagram account for your blog. Of course you don’t have to use all these social media platforms {I do use all of these, but my favorites are Instagram & Pinterest!} You will find what works best for you, but by creating these pages for your blog you are setting up places where people will be able to see all the updates on your blog & all things that you want to share with your readers. Also, it’s a place where the people who love reading your blog can come & connect with you other than just your blog. I love chatting on my social media platforms with everyone & I appreciate every comment & like. It’s one of my favorite parts of blogging to talk to people who love the same things I do… It’s the best!!

5. Pin your posts!

Ok, there is no way I can discuss all things Pinterest in this blog post or it would be way too long for it’s own good. Pinterest is an amazing way to get the word out about your blog posts. Plain & simple.

A few helpful Pinterest hints:

– Be sure to pin the best images from your blog posts.

-Add words to the photos to label what the post is about {like the photos in this post}.

-Re-pin your images to group boards.

-To grow your Pinterest pin often, pin others content, & pin things that fit your style & that you think are the best. Here is a great article on how to grow your pinterest {here}.

6. Comment, share, & like others posts.

Connect with other bloggers. Share their work & comment on their posts when you love something they do. They want to hear from you! & who knows, you could make a new blogger friend & that’s always a good day. Also, join a blogging group whether it’s a local blogging group in your area or find a group of bloggers you like & create a Facebook blog group where you can connect & encourage each other. This is a great way to get support from your fellow bloggers! Connecting with others is what blogging is all about!

7. Do some research.

There are a lot of people who blog about blogging. Posts about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Twitter, Facebook, & much more. Do some searches & some reading up on all things blogging & how to blog. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself. I mean, this is supposed to be fun right? Do not make it difficult for yourself or you will want to quit blogging & come on, you just got started! You can do it… a little at a time.  

9. Share your work.

There are awesome places out there where you can share your posts for others to see. Sites like craftgawker, dwellinggawker, foodgawker, Instagram, home talk, & more like that. Also, linky parties which some blogs host weekly {the one here on Liz Marie Blog goes live every Thursday night at 10pm set & you can link up your recent blog posts & show them off.} these parties are a great way to link your posts up for others to see & also for you to visit some other blog posts that are linked up as well. & there are many other websites out there where you can share your work & get your blog out there so others can read it. Also, with sharing, be sure to share your posts across all of your social media platforms when you post them!

10. Be consistent, Be yourself, & Love your blog.

Be consistent with your blog posts. This doesn’t mean you have to blog everyday or even three times a week. Just keep your blog updated with content regularly so people still know that you are alive ;) Be yourself. This is so hard sometimes! You see everyone else decorating with chevron pillows & even though you hate chevron you start using it too. Don’t do that. Be yourself. Use polkadots if you love them even though you are being drowned in a world of chevron! Be yourself, be unique, & you will find that being authentic keeps that lovely little blog of yours going. Love your blog. Have it be your happy place, the place where you can come to share things you love & connect with people who love your blog too.

How to start & grow your blog in 10 easy steps!

Wow! That was a lot of writing & I feel like I could keep going but like I said, let’s not get overwhelmed right away. Take your time & do not get down on yourself. Just keep being you & keep blogging your heart out. Blogging is a fun way to share your hobbies, talents, lifestyle, & so much more. Remember these are things that have worked for me & I only shared the things that I have done like using wordpress & Bluehost. Since I could not possibly include everything in this post, do you have any questions? Or do you have any advice if you are a blogger? Leave it all in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. Also be sure to chat with me on Facebook & Instagram. Have a good day!!


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