Roofs can give us food?


A fantastic initiative that we share with you. Lack of food, hunger, poverty in most countries of the world will be and is intensifying due to climate change and global warming, were arable lands are no longer. Also the little space that exists in the slums of the world can not grow food. But everything is changing thanks to the initiative of Carolina Forero, a Colombian student who wants and can change the world. He wrote his thesis on productive solutions to impoverished areas of her native Colombia. For Ecotecho the result is a simple idea that materialized in 2012 with the support of a private foundation.


Through a series of workshops, Forero taught the people of the community to grow lettuce and radishes on the ceiling using PET bottles and two liter rain water collected in buckets. “With a good crop to sell part market and I keep the rest for my family and my friends,” says the employee Nidia Vanegas, one of 20 owners of a green roof‘. Project managers now want to do the same in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This alternative encourages local development, social and family fabric builds, promotes the potential use of recycled rainwater, increases plant biomass and air quality.



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