Toyota Asked Kids To Design Their Dream Cars

“Construct-o-Mobile” by Amma Hiilani Thain, aged 11 from Hawaii


This car can build houses really fast for poor people who don’t have homes. Long, thing arms made from wires construct the homes in a split second.

“Happiness Carriage” by Aysha Mohamed Abol Fateh, aged 15 from Saudi Arabia


This vehicle is made of colorful dream cars that make their way to a bus stop and combine to form a bus.

“Swallowing Plastic Vehicle” by Sumeeth Singhaged, aged 10 from South Africa

This car devours any broken plastic and turns them into “good building blocks that can be used for housing purposes.”

‘Toyota Aqua Tour’ by Deepak Aaji Kumar, aged 14 from Qatar

The “Toyota Aqua Tour” is designed to drive in a humid atmosphere and collect water. An evaporator in the car is designed for “attaining dew points from humid air so the maximum condensed water can be obtained and stored and used for irrigation, as well as potable after purification.”

“The Dairy Cow Car” by Sudlert Lertsudwichai, aged 8 from Thailand

This car is designed to travel to areas of Thailand and produce fresh milk for children so they can stay healthy. It uses a conveyer belt system to ensure efficiency.

“The Pollution Eraser Car” by Brooke Cudahy, aged 11 from Canada

This vehicle cleans the pollution from other vehicles while on the road and transforms into an “airplant” to clean the air. In the ocean, this car becomes a pollution-fighting submarine and drives to make the world a cleaner place.

“Camera Car” by Lauren Park, aged 14 from USA

This is the Camera Car, which brings back great memories and new memories for those who travel in it.

Check out more innovative dream car ideas over on Vine.

H/t: Design Boom


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