Paris City will remove the “locks of love”

Rod (CC) | Flickr

The mayor of Paris said Monday it will remove the locks of love” placed by tourists in the capital‘s bridges and ended up becoming a problem, causing the recent decline of a railing. In the immediate future, they will be removing only locks in the most problematic areas, told AFP Aurelien pelvis, the press service of the municipality. Last June, about 2.40 meters railing Arts Bridge, which crosses the Seine between the Louvre and the French Academy, collapsed under the weight of the padlocks. The two wire that had fallen were replaced temporarily by wooden plates.

The locks will be removed in places where they begin to be problematic when the wire can no longer support the weight,” said municipal spokesman. On Wednesday, the mayor also begin to place stickers on the bridges of Paris inviting couples in love to replace locks of love” with “selfies” and immortalize their love with photographs.

Adhesives urge upload pictures to a Web site ( or on Twitter with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks (love without locks). The campaign will launch in English, French and Spanish. “Our bridges not resist your love, no more locks, express their love in site” proclaim adhesives. A contest also rewarded on 18 August at the best pictures uploaded via Instagram.  A disposal plan in stages  “This is the first operation of a global plan to end this practice and replace it,” said Perot. For the final disposal of the locks,-in a date yet revelatory- local architects are designing new smoother surfacesor where no longer possible to engage the memory with lock rails.

The locks began to proliferate massively since 2012 in various cities of the world, how many piece of street furniture offering tourists the chance to hang. Padlocks and appeared in Moscow, Sydney, Cologne, New York, Singapore, Montevideo, Viña del Mar (Chile) and even the Great Wall of China.

In Paris, two enamored Americans in the French capital last March launched an online campaign against the fashion which they claimed damages the quality of life. The site created by Lisa Anselmo and Lisa Taylor Huff, and apparently ganó- declared war on the controversial padlocks, according to them a symbol of stupidity globalized and amplified by social networking.

After his election in March as new mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo socialist had announced he had ordered his deputy Bruno Juilliard start a reflection and suggest artistic solidarity and ecological alternatives.”


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