Tennessee sky scrape

Architecture Here and There

The skyline of Nashville. (globeimages.com) The skyline of Nashville. (globeimages.com)

Continuing with A History of the Future, here’s what happens to skyscrapers after nobody can afford to keep them juiced. The passage begins in Nashville, with the protagonist’s first view of the former Capital of Country Music. Every American city had its poor collection of skyscrapers, which after the collapse became useless, and in the new times were ignored. In Nashville, people are begining to build the place anew:

I finally came into Nashville on a hot morning late in August. The very center of the town around the north side of the old statehouse had mostly been parking lots when the collapse happened. Men were at work erecting buildings of two and three stories in red brick that they salvaged from elsewhere in the deserted quarters of the city: Many strangely shaped skyscrapers loomed balefully over the blocks between the old capitol and…

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