Weekend Wanderings – Sorrento Beach in Daylight and at Night


This last week I had a great trip down to the coast with a great photography friend. We decided to go and take some photos on the various back beaches at Sorrento.  We did more of the car boot photography, which means driving to the beach, just taking the camera with us, or what we thought we might need and leaving the rest in the car.  I like photographing this way, that way your back isn’t burdened with all your gear, and let’s face it my back doesn’t need that.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-2At the first stop we took some photos from the look out at the top and then we went down to the beach.  The tide was coming in and we couldn’t get too close to the water.  We could see the scene in the above photo, and lots of white fluffy waves were coming in, right up the beach, but…

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