The GLOBAL URBAN YOUTH SURVEY asks youth to rate what’s important to them in their city. It also gives them the opportunity to express how their city is doing in 16 categories across the LIVE, WORK, and PLAY spectrum.

The Survey reveals the top priorities of youth in cities and provides key insights into what makes a city youthful. It helps to identify the gap between the priorities and perceptions of urban youth, and captures local realities in each city in our global network. Through this gap analysis we’re able to understand where the biggest opportunities and needs exist for youth in each of our cities. This year we are asking anyone from the ages of 15-29 to fill out the 5 minute survey in order to voice their perspectives on what matters most to youth in cities worldwide. 

The YouthfulCities concept was launched in September 2012 when Decode attended the World Urban Forum in Naples. After an overwhelming positive response to the concept, 2013 was spent hiring a staff, gathering data and creating the first ever index that ranks 25 of the world’s biggest cities acros five global regions based on 80 unique indicators — all from a youth perspective.

There are many ways to get involved. Join our global network as we embark on this exciting, dynamic – and no doubt, challenging– pursuit of uncovering Youthful Cities.

Value for Youth and Cities 

Cities are where life happens. They are vibrant, evolving, colourful places that hold the pulse of the people. Much like the youth that live within them. Involvement with YouthfulCities will benefit cities by maximizing the current potential of young citizens to boost the economic, social and political fortunes of cities. Collaborating with YouthfulCities will offer a formative experience to young people that will lead them to settle in your city long term. It will provide the platform for the most networked generation to talk about your city, and in turn let the city learn what new innovations are on the horizon.

Becoming involved with YouthfulCities will benefit youth by creating a hub where they can become collaborators in the development of their cities by amplifying their voices. YouthfulCities will connect youth with organizations, businesses and government agencies that are working to improve cities. We will engage youth by making the exploration of cities fun and social.


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