Emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean. A IADB Strategy.


Emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean (ESCI) need planning processes that are specific and action-oriented—capable of bringing about quality of life for citizens in the region.

In light of this need, ESCI, created by Inter-American Development Bank works closely with each city in order to implement our Methodology, which has two main phases. ESCI starts off with a participatory process to evaluate the quality of life in cities and to identify priority areas for action; this is the core of our methodology. This process leads toward the development of an Action Plan for each city. Based on the Plan’s objectives, the Methodology’s second phase focuses on implementation of actions and specific urban interventions, as well as on the establishment of platforms for citizen-led monitoring of impacts.

ESCI’s methodology is based on the premise that urban development strategies that are well-planned, integrated, and cross-sectoral, can ensure improvements in the quality of life for citizens and help materialize a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future for emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

 Methodological Guide (EN)      Guía Metodológica (ES)       Guia Metodológico (PT)

 Indicators (EN)      Indicadores (ES)       Indicadores (PT)

 Filtro económico (ES)       Filtro econômico (PT)

 ESCI Brasil Tryptich (EN/PT)

Fases de una ciudad en ICES

First Phase: Assessment of the Quality of Urban Life and Development of the Action Plan

ESCI developed an innovative rapid-assessment tool to understand and analyze the different elements that determine and impact the quality of life in cities. Our experience in each participating city has allowed us continuously to gather lessons and improve on this tool, better to address each locality’s needs.

The assessment tool gathers 140 indicators from a variety of sectors, which are exhaustively analyzed in collaboration with local governments and civil society over a nine-month period. This evaluation represents the core of our methodology, around which to identify and develop priority activities. Overall, the results are embodied in an Action Plan that offers a narrative view of the assessment and outlines strategic interventions in those sectors that can have the strongest positive impact on each city’s quality of life. Throughout this phase, ESCI works closely with each city to determine the requirements, in terms of time and resources, to implement prioritized activities.



 Mar del PlataMar del Plata



Second Phase: Implementation of the Action Plan, Pre-Investment, and Monitoring Activities

Once finished, the Action Plan, which reflects the collaborative work of a diversity of local stakeholders, paves the way for implementation of priority proposals. ESCI helps with the design and development of at least one priority project to reach pre-investment stages. Depending on local interest, ESCI can help identify and mobilize financial resources from a variety of sources, including the public and private sectors, special partnerships between the two, and other commercial institutions.

In addition, ESCI provides direct support for the design and launch of a citizen-run monitoring system, in collaboration with civil society stakeholders such as non-governmental organizations, private organizations, and academia. This monitoring system evaluates progress against the initial evaluation and the proposals and goals included in the Action Plan.

 Download Methodological Guide:

 Guía Metodológica (ES)      Methodological Guide (EN)       Guia Metodológico (PT)


Download Annexes:

 Indicadores (ES)      Indicators (EN)       Indicadores (PT)

 Filtro económico (ES)       Filtro econômico (PT)

 Filtro ambiental (ES)

Baseline Studies (ToR):

 ToR Climate Change and Urban Development Studies (EN)


Additional Baseline Studies (ToR):

 ToR Mobility (ES)

 ToR Water and Sanitation (ES)

 ToR Solid Waste (ES)

 ToR Energy (ES)

 ToR Citizen Security (ES)

 ToR Smart City ICT (EN)

 ToR Walkability Bikeability (EN)

 ToR Fiscal and Finances (ES)


Other documents:

 ToR Public Opinion Survey (ES)

 Annex – Inclusion of ‘Sustainability and Cities’ in Country Strategies (ES)


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