Google offered photos from satellites without charge

Retroceso de glaciares en Groenlandia / Skybox / Google

Originally posted by Eduardo Woo. Photography of Greenland by Skybox / Google. Full text in spanish at Radio BioBio Chile.
In June this year, Google announced the purchase of Skybox, a company that captures photos from satellites. As is known, this would enhance its mapping service -Google Maps and Google Earth-, but on Monday the giant has announced a value that could serve millions of people.

This is a program dubbed “Skybox for Good tool that Google have their photographs entities or nonprofit organizations whose purpose are educational or improving the environment of the surrounding communities.
The beneficiaries will have access to complete data that will serve to study and know the progress of, for example, climate change or deforestation in some places, says tech site Engadget.
But this contribution will not be exclusive for organizations, is that the images should be released later shared under a Creative Commons license, which ultimately means that the file is open and known to those who request them.
Skybox explained in a post on its official blog that it has created a map where you can see the requests, both accepted and in process, with links to data that can be reviewed by either clicking here.
So far only a small group of institutions have been favored with the program, expected to open their applications in the coming weeks.

Source: BioBioChile


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