Day 7: Design cities as brands

I went today to a conference of “City brand”. The main speaker was the Spanish urban designer Toni Puig, an amazing writer and a very motivated social innovator. He speaks about the city as a brand and the change who can it make to the cities. His method was truly amazing and shocking. i recreated it on post it:


He believes with strong passion in arts as a factor of change in people’s life, cities and economies. His thesis is very simple: cities are a great brand. If we squeeze all the potential of cities through good urban politics and a big media campaign, we could improve the local economy, arts and people’s welfare with the attraction of tourists and market investment. Who cares Tony Puig’s stuff? Are we talking to landscape yet? The answer is yes, we talking about landscapes too. I think that we should debate the idea of “sell the landscapes with art and respectful of identities”.

If we don’t believe in that idea, we cannot do anything in urban spaces never. It is completely necessary to incorporate in all urban planning team or art group – whatever it is our proposal about landscapes, arts or identity management – the expertise of designer and media.
It’s completely out of our time think in frozen forever the landscape, the arts or the identities. At the contrary, if we create value and promote the good appraisal of them: we are the firsts to defend it. One of his books cites a phrase of Paul Valery: “the future isn’t what it was.” He thinks that Valery was right about it: there are an urgent idea of freedom to create another life  and another better world.


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