I’ve been read the book “The Magic” of Rhonda Byrne (If you think that book is pure garbage from new age hippies… I don’t care, it’s your opinion, not mine). All this day I explored the idea of gratitude.

The communities and the individuals (even the most atheists) have their own moments, rituals and spaces dedicated to the gratitude. Usually we think spaces like that are churches, deepest forests or paradisaical beaches with the sound of the ocean in the horizon. But, we don’t have urban spaces to practice the gratitude. In western societies we confused the gratitude with consumption: meanwhile more expensive is the gift, more gratitude I have for X person. We forgot all the secrets from our ancestors: gratitude is give to others some/lot my own self (time, material gifts, help, a phone call, a hospital visit, a song, etc.), because when you give more, you’ll receive more.

I think we need to create more o new spaces – memorials who invites to the people without class or religion differences to practice the gratitude. Sometimes is enough with a memorial stone. Sometimes is necessary a square or park. Sometimes we want a black wall to share our thoughts (#worldwewant). The urbanists, architects, geographers and artists sometimes forget the underlying truth about a city: they plan a city, but common people live and love in there everyday. As society members we want spaces to express the gratitude that we felt everyday. We want spiritual landscapes.


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