Day 63 of #100dayproject: Rain Matters


God is the rain…

I was raised in a small town in Southern Chile called Puerto Montt. The town is so different now: has more tall buildings, people and more concrete. But there’s still two elements that defines it character: rain and the cold weather.

The rain is not the same in each place of the world, like the landscape or the light. I remember the phrase of the architect in the movie “Lake House”: “The light is different here, in Barcelona and Tokyo, or elsewhere”.

The main elements – rain and cold – modulates the architecture, food, infrastructure, behavior and clothes of the entire Southern Chile. I hope, someday all the urban planner and decision makers will understand the simple truth behind that: the environment is part of us. We can’t live apart from the Earth’s evolution.

In my hometown the average precipitation is 2.000 mm/year, accord Weather Service. On the other hand here we have a beautiful summer: blue sky, multiple colors of fisher boats, flowers, mountains, deepest woods… If the cities have colors, definitely the colors of Puerto Montt will be grey and blue.

The urban planners, sometimes, does the same analysis that I did above around the colors and the vocation of territories, and put all the cards in the game for the primacy of that elements in their designs. However the decision makers don’t care about that stuff. They think the cities need more “progress” and “modernity”. But, we know what it means: concrete, glass and steel.

As the English painter and poet John Ruskin says:

Is curious how little the people knows about the sky. We never pays attention, we never made our object of our thought, we contemplates it which it was a mere succession of insignificant accidents and monotony, too many common and vain to deserve a few instants of inspection or a looking of admiration[1].”

[1] Ruskin, John. 1857. Draw Techniques. London: Cambridge UP.


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