Sailscape: Landscape of the Sea


Sailscape is  a type of landscape which is predominated by Sea.

It is characterized by the tones blue, sand, white and grey steel.

It is defined as practical and symbolic construction of the oceanic environment and as part of the navigation and geographical imagination [1]

In addition to that, the navigator’s scope and the ship’s trip have been regarded as spatial agents in the construction of the landscape.

The sunset brings another tones like pink, peach, purple and finally, the most dark black.

That’s the enchantment of the Sea: the visible changes and the infinite permanence.

Everything which is valuable remains.



Photos from Concón, Chile. Taken by Author. 2015
[1] García Redondo, J. (2012). Sailscapes. La construcción del paisaje del Océano Pacífico en el Giro del Mondo de Gemelli Carreri.
Anuario de Estudios Americanos, 69(1): 253-275 doi: 10.3989/aeamer.2012.1.10

Spring and Light // Primavera y Luz


Nature brings all their powerful spectacle in South Hemisphere: colors, light, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, bees.

It is incredible how could change instantly the landscape when we saw flowers with at daylight.

We are magically transported to another time, with the perfume of the flowers and the force of the sunlight.


We could be transported to the magical and gigantic world of Alice in Wonderland…

We could feel the immensity of the plants and the majestic beauty of the roots.

We could felt the power of the light and the transformation of the caterpillars.


We could be transported to the dramatic romance of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, in England…

We could walk with Elizabeth in the open field and touch the small flowers with our dresses.

We could wait for an eternal love patiently, but ardently too. We could bewitched by an unique flower or tree.