timber landscapes


In northern hemisphere winter is starting and timber products, smells and spaces are closer to us.

A special product from timberland is wood and bonfires.

Trees offers their body to protect us from the cold and give us the gift of fire.

Their silenced beauty is inspiring.

Every circle in its skin is a year of history, memory and hope. A full circle of life.

Tell us in comments: which circle add this year to your life? A happy circle? A grateful circle?

photograph: taken by author.

Spring and Light // Primavera y Luz


Nature brings all their powerful spectacle in South Hemisphere: colors, light, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, bees.

It is incredible how could change instantly the landscape when we saw flowers with at daylight.

We are magically transported to another time, with the perfume of the flowers and the force of the sunlight.


We could be transported to the magical and gigantic world of Alice in Wonderland…

We could feel the immensity of the plants and the majestic beauty of the roots.

We could felt the power of the light and the transformation of the caterpillars.


We could be transported to the dramatic romance of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, in England…

We could walk with Elizabeth in the open field and touch the small flowers with our dresses.

We could wait for an eternal love patiently, but ardently too. We could bewitched by an unique flower or tree.