Sailscape: Landscape of the Sea


Sailscape is  a type of landscape which is predominated by Sea.

It is characterized by the tones blue, sand, white and grey steel.

It is defined as practical and symbolic construction of the oceanic environment and as part of the navigation and geographical imagination [1]

In addition to that, the navigator’s scope and the ship’s trip have been regarded as spatial agents in the construction of the landscape.

The sunset brings another tones like pink, peach, purple and finally, the most dark black.

That’s the enchantment of the Sea: the visible changes and the infinite permanence.

Everything which is valuable remains.



Photos from Concón, Chile. Taken by Author. 2015
[1] García Redondo, J. (2012). Sailscapes. La construcción del paisaje del Océano Pacífico en el Giro del Mondo de Gemelli Carreri.
Anuario de Estudios Americanos, 69(1): 253-275 doi: 10.3989/aeamer.2012.1.10

Landscape, Eclipse and Virginia Woolf

How then produces light return to Earth after a solar eclipse? By miracle. Weakly. In thin beams. The light remains suspended above the ground like a glass cage. As a fragile ring the slightest bump can Shatter. A spark shines and is replaced immediately by a burst of shadow.

Suddenly a river takes over a blue light. The land gradually permeates color like a sponge absorbs water. She gains weight, it is rounded, regains his balance and rocks beneath our feet in space.

That was how the landscape return to me; that was how I saw the fields extend my feet in waves of color, but this time it was not as old; I saw, but was not seen.

The Waves, Virginia Woolf.