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Every life matters. Be a positive change in your town with a little effort: protect your bees and plant some flowers in your balcony!

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Day 29 of #100dayproject: Cat Park at Miraflores, Peru

IMG351Cat at Kennedy’s Square Park

When I traveled to Lima his 2014, I saw a vibrate and wonderful city, besides their foggy climate.
A square called my attention in a particular way: the Kennedy Square (a.k.a) Cat’s Park. Yes, as you hear well, the cat’s park.
There are approximately 40 cats, but nobody knows exactly how the cats became in the shining star of the park:

Some say that once a woman abandoned her pregnant cat in the park and from there they started reproducing. Others say they that they came from the church located in the center of the park, that they let their cats roam free in order to deal with a rat problem that they used to have. What we do know is that these cats have been here, according to testimony from the older Miraflores residents, for at least 20 years.

All the cats lived together in the park and they are feeding by a humanitarian association. The municipality government are in charge of the sanitation of the park and the cats, too:

The park is cleaned and disinfected twice a day, using products safe for the animals but that remove and bad odors. The municipality also oversees the groups who capture the cats for medical treatment and deparasitation. They are looking into the possibility of helping with these costs under the presence that the cats provide a valuable service against plagues of rats, for which the park was famous for in the 1980s before the cats lived here.

The relationship between cats and people are completely bipolar: some humans love it cats with passion, some humans kill cats.

I was fascinated with the cats: they are totally furry and quiet. They let humans touch it their bellies and feed it too. It’s incredible how animals can appropriate of the landscape of some spaces and make it own. The tourists come to the park everyday to see the cats and touch them.

IMG309Cats at Kennedy’s Square Park